How we started…


The hospital started as Baguio Sanatorium in February 3, 1902 pioneered by Dr. Eugene Stafford, captain of the staff of General Arthur MacArthur in the 1900’s.


The hospital begun as a convalescent sanatorium in a small grass roofed building at the former side of Pines hotel or the present exact location of Shoemart (SM) today. Dr. Stafford brought with him a nurse, a cook, and an assistant.

Baguio Sanatorium

Originally, it begun as an 8 bed sanatorium and on March 25, 1902, the construction of a 15 bed capacity hospital consisting of six, three room cottages was build which was manned by American physicians, army nurse, and hospital corpsmen. Dr. JB Thomas was the first chief of hospital back then.


Baguio Hospital

In 1907, the name of the hospital was changed to Baguio Hospital. The facilities were improved with the addition of 2 storey building, a nurses’ home, and 6 cottages for tuberculosis patients.



   Chief of Hospital



Last American Chief of Hospital

In 1915, the supervision of hospital was turned over to the Bureau of Health with Dr. Vincent as the last american chief of hospital

First Filipino Chief of Hospital

The first filipino director who was appointed in that same year was Dr. Silverio Garcia. He was succeeded by Dr. Marcelino Azucano and Dr. Jose Avellana Basa.

In 1919, Dr. Teodoro Arvisu took over as chief of hospital until the year 1936, he served the longest period as director for 17 years. Moreover, the very first chief nurse was Miss Maria B. Defensor.