Management Information Service developed the queuing system at the Out-Patient Department to:

  • Reduce queue times
  • Serve more clients
  • Improve staff efficiencies

MIS plans to develop additional queuing system and implement in the areas of Admitting, Billing and Claims Unit, Cashier, Medical Social Service, Radiology and Laboratory.


MIS developed the OPD Consultation system as requested by the Head of OPD Department for easy encoding of complaints, follow up, final diagnosis and ICD 10 with the top 10 or 20 list submitted by the different departments.  With these all charts are expected encoded in the system by our doctors, thus, administrative assistants can focus in the filing and retrieving of charts.

With the support of management, MIS plans to develop the Paperless OPD System: registration kiosk, auto generation of queuing number, vital signs systems and e-charting.


MIS developed the system to monitor all the processes involved in our Philhealth patients from the time patient is discharge up to the submission of claims to Philhealth Regional Office.  In here we can monitor how long Philhealth claim forms have been signed and completed ready for transmittal.  We can also view a summary report on the Philhealth Transmitted Claims in the BGHMC Portal (HOMIS Reports).  Please see Powerpoint presentation.


MIS developed the OR Module to view all patients with OR procedures order.  The following documents can be generated from the system: OR Surgical Slip, Major Operating Room Operation Sheet and Operative Technique.


MIS developed the Newborn system for the encoding of newborn data specifically for the generation of Birth Certificate and newborn census.


Development of CDOE?

            BGHMC has been accredited for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.  Part of ISO is the improvement both quality of care and patient safety thus, the Computerized Doctors’ Order Entry was developed.

The hospital manual process flow in making doctors’ order for prescription on medicines and supplies, as well as laboratory and radiology requests was converted into a system to enhance healthcare delivery to our clients.

What is CDOE?

CDOE means Computerized Doctors’ Order Entry.  It is an electronic process that allows a health care provider to enter orders electronically via computer, smart phones and tablets instead of writing them on paper.  These orders are communicated over a computer or wi-fi network to the medical staff or to the departments (pharmacy, laboratory, or radiology) responsible for fulfilling the order.

Goals of CDOE

  • To reduce the potential for human error
  • To reduce time to care delivery
  • To improve order accuracy
  • To decrease time for order confirmation and turnaround
  • To improve clinical decision support at the point of care
  • To make crucial information more readily available
  • To improve communication among physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other clinicians, and patients.

Functionality and Benefits

  • Enables doctors to enter prescription for medicines and supplies, laboratory and radiology examinations in the system.
  • Replaces hand-written orders (legibility, completeness, readily and quickly accessible, improved communications between physician and pharmacist; no delay or loss …)
  • Supports ready access to patient data and patient assessment
  • Helps improve patient safety and prevent medical errors and adverse drug events by checking the dosage etc. of medication given to patients by physicians or other health professionals
  • Supports improved recording, data trails, quality assurance and error awareness and reporting
  • Potential to improve efficiency and resource usage by integrating different departments – laboratory, imaging, nursing and medication records
  • Cost-effectiveness benefits:
    • Can reduce additional and often avoidable costs (clinical, litigation …) that can result from medication errors;
    • Can show test and medication costs – potential to reduce prescription costs;
    • Can reduce the number of duplicate tests;

Part of the hospital’s quality policy is to implement an efficient and effective hospital information system.  The Management Information System (MIS) work hand in hand in achieving our commitment to deliver quality health care to our clients in terms of IT services.  Thus, the MIS developed a program called Patient Care SMS System using a Globe network to send unlimited text to all our clients with a monthly budget of Php 500.00 a month.

This system is in compliance to the Department of Health DM No. 2017-0023 re: Presidential Directive on the Provision of Government Online Services to the Public.  With the Patient Care SMS System, BGHMC implements the sending of text messages to patients after discharge from the hospital (Discharges Feedback); makes follow up on their health conditions (HEPO – Mother Class); receive feedback for the services rendered during confinement (KUMUSTXT); send OPD appointment reminders (OPD Minder) and sending SMS to applicants.

The MIS plans to expand the implementation of Patient Care SMS thru sending text messages to our OPD patients for available results in Laboratory and Radiology Department; reminding patients on the due date of their promissory note and many others.

PROPOSAL for the Patient Care SMS Consent Form

Patient Declaration of Consent/Decline

for contact via Short Message Service (SMS) Text Messaging

Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) is constantly working towards improving services to our patients.  We would like to introduce Patient Care SMS text messaging to patients’ mobile phones for feedback on the services rendered during confinement, sending OPD appointment reminders and other health promotion programs of the hospital.

The SMS text service for appointment reminders is an additional service and should not be solely relied upon.  The responsibility of attending appointments or cancelling them still rests with the patient.

If you would be happy to receive SMS text messages from BGHMC, please complete the information requested and sign the declaration below.


MIS developed the BGHMC E-KIOSK for public to use in accessing hospital information such as: Patient’s information; tentative bill; pricelist of laboratory, radiology and medicines; room rates, feedback and directory.  The BGHMC E-KIOSK can be accessed using smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

How to use Patient’s e-KIOSK in your Smart Phones/Tablet

  1. Connect to BGHMC GUEST WIFI connection
  2. Open browser (Chrome, Safari)
  3. Click KIOSK

How to use Patient’s e-KIOSK in your desktop computer.From your browser enter: or kiosk.bghmc/


8. iChat System

Sending instant message to wards, pharmacy or any other areas/sections for easy communication among physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians for health care delivery to patients.

Ex. The pharmacist can send instant message to wards via computer. Rather than using the phone, we can use the iChat in the HOMIS system to send queries or information about patient’s medicine and others.


BGHMC Portal is design for internal use of hospital employees.  It is a site that provides access or links to other sites or web based systems in the hospital.  It provides access to the following: HOMIS Reports, Computerized Doctors’ Order Entry (CDOE), BGHMC Inet, BGHMC Official Website and Resources.

BGHMC Portal is very useful in the following:

Doctors requesting for monthly census reports

ER and OPD Daily Census with pie chart illustration

Dental and OPD Time Motion Study with illustration

Reports needed in the Billing and Claims Unit, Pharmacy, Laboratory and others

By:  Maritess N. Baloran – MIS Section