Technology paved its way and changed how we live today. The main goal of these technological discoveries is to “create and develop easier ways to live (Parker 2015)” which will make our life more convenient. As time goes by, advancement and developments are getting more high-tech in changing our lives in the hope of making the human existence a more accessible and easier way of life.

In our institution, technological advancement is indeed manifested and enhanced. Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center focuses not only in providing quality health care but also in innovating its facilities for the benefit of its patients and personnel. One of these innovations is the establishment of the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) or This database is designed for personnel to have easy access on their employee records wherein employees from different offices can access their records wherever they are in the institution, whenever they want.

Here is a glimpse of the Main page of the website:
Here is a glimpse of the Main page of the website:

The HRMIS innovation makes the Human Resource data reachable in just a second; this helps save time and effort. The website can be accessed using the official internet connection available in the hospital. Every personnel of the hospital are given a unique username (identification number) and password. In this website, each personnel can access and manage their leaves, personal data sheet and salaries, benefits and bonuses (as you can see from the photo below).


Let us take a look at the different features of HRMIS:

1.Leave Management


HRMIS modified the way how employees file their leave. Today, everyone can access and file their leave anytime even if it is not during office hours. They can now check their available leave credits without asking the Human Resource staff. This feature helps them to keep track of their available leaves and to look back at the leaves they have incurred. Applying for leave can be done in 5-easy steps: log-in, click leave management, e-leave, apply leave and then save, and ta-da you’re good to go! (Of course don’t forget to print it because it will still be signed by your supervisor).

2. Personal Data Sheet

3. Salaries/Benefits/Bonuses


Are you the conscious type of employee who records their monthly salaries or are you the yolo (you only live once) one who is just grateful when pay day comes?

No worries Mi Amigo, HRMIS got you covered. Salaries, benefits and bonuses received monthly and yearly can now be accessed online. Forgot to record it? Keep calm and carry on because these files will not disappear. This is a great avenue for the institution to be more transparent and accessible to its employees. The bonus part is that it is quite eco-friendly. (Bye bye mountainous pay-slip! Hello e-pay slip.)

The mentioned features of HRMIS innovation are indeed proofs of how it is beneficial and relevant to our institution. It’s user-friendly interface and simple design makes it even more accessible to both tech-savvy employees and those who are not. Advancement continuous through time and it is a good thing that our institution is holistic enough to adapt and keep pace with it.

This innovation is made possible through the help of what we call the ‘internet’. The internet introduced a new way of communication, how to connect with people and how to reach information in the blink of an eye. At present, the use of internet gave the institution the opportunity to create database that makes different hospital services more accessible to both patients and employees.

These innovations are created to make our work easier and faster. Nevertheless, let us always keep in mind that such innovations have its pros and cons, and its consequences will all depend on how we utilize it. Thanks to this advancement, we can just always click n’ go but let us always keep in mind to think before we click.

Blog entry by: Kara Patricia Go Agbayani, 21, Department of Internal Medicine, Medical Division


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