In 1922, the Congress approved the creation of the Baguio Hospital School of Nursing through the initiative of Dr. Arvisu. In 1933, isolation buildings were constructed with the aid of the Baguio women’s club and local mining companies.

1937-dr-esquivel Baguio General Hospital

The name of the hospital was changed to Baguio General Hospital in 1937 and Dr. Esquivel took over as chief of hospital in that same year.


In February 22, 1941, the concrete hospital building was inaugurated which was a realized promised of the late President Manuel L. Quezon. He was hospitalized in Baguio Hospital in the year 1922, where he then saw the antiquated equipment and small dilapidated building that made him decide to have a new and spacious concrete building for a hospital.


World War II

In December 29, 1944, as a result of the world war II, the Japanese imperial army took over the hospital for the used of their wounded soldiers. The hospital and school of nursing was then transferred to Saint Louise high school building behind the Baguio Cathedral.

The staff continue to served the best they could to attend to patients and operations were performed despite the carpet bombings by the advancing of american forces.


In 1945, due heavy artillery fire and bombing, the hospital was raised to the ground. In May 1945, the hospital rose again and the disbanded personnel of the hospital were recalled by Dr. Esquivel and Miss Francia. The hospital was then reopened temporarily at the Paula Frates, La Salle compound Legarda road.

In September 16, 1945, from the ravages of II world war, the hospital was reconstructed with the aid of USA under the Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 1946 and was completed in 1948.