BGHMC has made its mark in the healthcare delivery system in Northern Luzon. From its humble beginnings, the hospital, as the city it resides in, grew to become what it is today – an establishment which continuously transforms itself and aims for excellence, compassion and competence. In the 5 years I stayed in this institution, I saw changes that totally affect the way things are done, all for the common good and in the long run for the better. 3 things come in to mind when I think of BGHMC’s transformation: ISO, LIS and the art and science of health care. These 3 things interplay to make BGHMC timely and relevant to local healthcare delivery and our society.

First, the LIS. We are now in the time when a huge plethora of information is conveniently at the fingertips of everyone. The exchange of knowledge from one person to the next is just a monitor and a mouse click away. In the hospital, once a patient enters the hospital, data about him or her is gathered. From the basic identifiers, to laboratory results and up to their diet as an in-patient is entered into our hospital information system, and can be accessed at the convenience of our staff; hence, the delivery of needed medical intervention is quickly and efficiently executed from admission to eventual discharge.

Second, the ISO. The culture of quality in government service was spearheaded by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, as she mandated all government agencies to align themselves to standards set by the ISO. As the idea of the culture of quality management cascaded down to the grassroots of public service, so has it penetrated the workflow of our institution. What has impressed me is the fact that because of the incorporation of the “mantras” of ISO in our workflow, processes in the hospital have been streamlined, making work in the hospital more efficient and timely. Factors that contribute to non-conformity are beginning to be minimized or eliminated altogether. Hence, serving more clients in a shorter span of time, and with better outcomes.

Third, the art and science of healthcare. From its inception, science has been a relentless force in the ever-changing landscape of everyday living. In the field of medicine, from the 4 “humors” in the collective conscious of the Greek physicians, the bases for diagnosis and management of disease now rest on our cumulative knowledge on their molecular roots. What has stood the test of time is the fact that medicine is both a science and an art. Empathy to the plight of the infirm is woven into and is integral in the delivery of health care. Our mentors, long after they have graced the halls of our hospital with their wisdom will live on in the way we care for our patients.

Overall, these three things work together in advancing the idea of the best patient care possible. As a whole, the hospital has made strides, if not leaps and bounds, in delivering quality healthcare. We may now savor the fruits of our labor, but the work is continuous. I still look forward to the day that we could proudly say our hospital is at par, if not to be the flagship, of our counterpart medical centers in other regions in the Philippines.